Oculus Connect 6 主题演讲视频汇总


Oculus Connect 6

映维网 2019年09月30日)在本周举行的Oculus Connect 6大会中,Facebook公布了一系列AR/VR创新、发展成果以及Oculus Quest最新更新和计划。以下是映维网带来的主题演讲视频汇总(暂时都没有字幕)。

延伸阅读OC6汇总:Quest手部追踪、串流Rift、Half Dome 3……

延伸阅读Oculus展示Half Dome 3原型机,电子变焦,开启未来之门

延伸阅读OC6卡马克:悼念GearVR,Quest将无线支持PC VR,Rift S表现优于Rift

1. Day 1 Keynote


2. Day 2 Keynote


3. Oculus Link for Quest


4. Classrooms and Case Studies – VR in Education


5. Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Success on the Oculus Store


6. Spark AR for Places and Things


7. Oculus for Business – Scalable, Professional, Reliable


8. From WebVR to WebXR – The Next Generation of VR Experiences on the Web


9. A New Architecture – Unity XR Platform


10. Transforming Corporate Training with VR


11. Partner Spotlight – Made for St. Jude


12. Bridge Virtual and Real Worlds with AR


13. Creators and Consumers – Two Sides of the Same Coin


14. Improving AR/VR Experiences through the Study of Visual Perception


15. Designing for Emotion – The Space Where Storytelling and Games Meet


16. Technological Tethers – How AR + VR Connect Us to the World


17. Designing for Delight in Social VR – Fireside Chat with Max Weisel


18. Using Vulkan for Mobile VR


19. From Demo to Pilot to Development – Getting Buy-in for Enterprise VR


20. Designing Research to Measure the Impact of VR


21. Oculus Connected – Building Social Experiences and Connecting People at Scale


22. Women in VR User Research


23. Leveraging Data to Drive Developer Success


24. Creating Spatialized Music for AR/VR


25. No More Hacks- Building Cross-Device UE4 Apps with OpenXR


26. Mixed Reality Capture on Quest


27. Build for Reach- Get Started in Spark AR Studio


28. Building Identity and Social Experiences in VR


29. The More Things Change – How Trends in VR Apply to Quest


30. Safety By Design- How to Bake Safety and People into Product Development


31. Beat Saber- Creating a Winning Rhythm


32. Hand Tracking Deep Dive – Technology, Design, and Experiences(机器生成字幕)


33. Hand Tracking_ Designing a New Input Modality(机器生成字幕)


34. Transforming Conservation with National Geographic and Woodland Park Zoo(机器生成字幕)


35. The 3Ds of Immersive Media- Discover, Design and Distribute(机器生成字幕)


36. Virtual Community – Why Community Is Essential to the Success of VR (机器生成字幕)


37. Career-Connected Curriculum for Tomorrow’s AR/VR Developers(机器生成字幕)